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Kenneth H. Holko
Holko Consulting
3620 Ticonderoga St.
San Diego, CA 92117

Telephone: (858) 352-6466
Facsimile: (858) 483-8115

Areas of Expertise

Processing of most materials by heat treating, brazing and welding; general metallurgy and metallurgical aspects of corrosion as they apply to failure analysis. Most aspects of welding and brazing engineering including solutions to joining problems such as cracking, porosity, and dimensional control. Product liability cases involving failures have included marine industry components and weldments, industrial and aircraft turbine components, mechanical equipment (hoists, lifts, couplings, hydraulic systems, etc.), metallurgical effects of fire damage, weldments, castings, coatings, corrosion of various products, and costs. Experienced in medical products manufacture. Competent in selection of optimum joining process(es), joining materials in most alloy systems, metallurgical evaluation of weldments/brazements, repair welding and brazing high temperature components, mechanical property determination, processing procedures, codes/specifications, failure analysis, design review, product manufacturing cost reduction.


B.S. (Welding Engineering), Ohio State University (1967)
Graduate Study, Materials Science, University of Toledo (1969)

Work Experience

2000 - Present

Engineering Consultant



1979 - 2000



Hitech Metallurgical Co.


San Diego, CA



1974 - 1979

Manager, Materials Applications Branch


General Atomic Company


San Diego, CA



1972 - 1974

Manufacturing Research Engineer


Rohr Industries


San Diego, CA



1967 - 1972

Materials Engineer, Contract Manager


NASA / Lewis Research Center (John Glen Lab)


Cleveland, OH

Teaching Experience

Instructor, AWS Metallurgy Course
Instructor, ASM/MEI Metallurgy of Welding and Joining Course
Guest Lecturer, Welding Technology, University of California, San Diego
Guest Lecturer, Failure Analysis, San Diego State University
Guest Lecturer, Failure Analysis, ICAS

Professional Memberships / Registrations
Professional Engineer, Metallurgical, California
Professional Engineer, Welding, Ohio
Member, ASM International
- Chairman of San Diego Chapter, 1985 - 1986
Member, American Welding Society
- Chairman of San Diego Chapter, 1977
Member, Independent Metallurgical Engineering Consultants of California
- Chairman, 1992 - 1993
Member, International Society for Testing and Failure Analysis
Member, AWS Brazing and Soldering Committee

Honors and Awards

James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation Award - 1973, 1975, 1977
NASA Special Achievement Award -1971


Eighteen patents granted or pending